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Congress will soon pass a special waiver for former general Lloyd Austin to be defense secretary amid fears that the military is becoming politicized.
Troops say commanders aren't taking the pandemic seriously, and a former Army epidemiologist says the military has "done a poor job" responding to the crisis.
"There’s nothing pro-military about overruling our military justice system," said the Democratic presidential candidate.
Trump nominated Mark Esper as the new acting secretary of defense, replacing Shanahan, who's facing controversy over an alleged 2010 domestic dispute.
Secretary Mattis wants to focus on building a strong military to fight and win our nation's wars. That's a fine goal, but to truly achieve a modern security strategy, we must fully embrace non-military methods of prevention as the necessary foundation of the larger objective.
Assuming Congress grants the necessary waiver for him to serve as Defense Secretary after his long career in the military
The DOD doesn’t need a budget hike—it needs accountability, efficiency, and responsible spending.
“We’ll have specifics after the president is sworn in,” a spokesman said.
On War and Politics: The Battlefield Inside Washington's Beltway, published by the Naval Institute Press (October 15, 2016
The supplemental war-related funding would include money to fight Islamic State militants and sustain high overseas troop levels.