More than 140 countries made an ambitious pledge last year to halt forest loss. There's been progress, but not nearly enough.
COP26 was hailed as a last-gasp chance to halt the climate crisis before it destroys our way of life for good. Did it work?
At the COP26 summit, the president stressed the importance of preserving forests to fight climate change — but critics say his policies tell another story.
The South American nation has pledged to end “illegal deforestation” by 2028. It could do that by legalizing what is currently against the law.
Deforestation, biodiversity loss and carbon emissions are lower on land governed by Indigenous communities, says a new United Nations report.
The Cerrado is the most biologically rich savanna in the world and a huge carbon sink, but it’s being razed to produce soy and beef.
Experts are looking to artificial intelligence and citizen scientists to track and combat destruction of the rainforest.
In West Africa, rainfall has dropped, temperatures have risen and wildlife has dwindled in one of the most biodiverse forest habitats in the world. But there is a reason for hope.
This was supposed to be the big year for transforming the palm oil industry and ending its environmental toll.
Indigenous tribes are appealing to the U.N. to help stop deforestation and raids on tribal lands, which have both increased under President Jair Bolsonaro.