Demand Progress

“It is time to end our endless wars and adopt a new approach to international relations,” the groups write.
Despite resistance from within the Democratic party, President Obama has made passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a top priority before leaving office. The TPP is a trade agreement between the United States and 11 other countries which would cover 40 percent of the world's trade.
Samuels said that Wheeler called on those at the meeting to back up the FCC in the net neutrality battle. Other meeting attendees
The near monopolists are at bat and are swinging for the fences in a bid to kill open Internet rules and dominate the online ecosystem. I see FCC Chairman Wheeler on the mound, trying to decide what to pitch while millions of interested parties fill the stands.
Let us provide some context to those who relied on the Times's (non-existent) coverage of SOPA, prior to January 18th.
It is one year since the death of 26-year-old Aaron Swartz, the renowned computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist. People all around the world are remembering Swartz
Reform efforts face an uncertain future in Congress. Snowden's revelations have scrambled traditional left-right divides
The flurry of lobbying against the new bill, which advocates said would make the CFAA even more dangerous in the hands of
Like many activists before him, Aaron fell prey to a criminal justice system that entrenches the standing of the already powerful, and which has been used so many times to break unionists and stymie their organizing efforts.
"Mr. Swartz was, among other things, a brilliant technologist and a committed activist for the causes in which he believed