Elections in France

His legislation would seek to combat misinformation on social media sites during elections.
We’ll let the news speak for itself today. 1. Apparently Russia used Facebook to spy on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign during
A political consulting firm founded by former Obama volunteers helped Emmanuel Macron take over French politics.
France, Europe, and the world breathed a sigh of relief after the French elections gave “centrist” Emmanuel Macron a resounding
France is now the iconic test case of whether policies aligned with global integration can answer fears over job loss, security and identity.
It is primarily the economic policies of Europe, including France, over the past decade that have allowed the National Front to grow into a legitimate opposition party.
Populism is no longer condemned to the extremist edge.
Follow me on Twitter@mk1157 So the results are in and as it turns out, France is not the United Kingdom nor is it the United
Neither option serves the interests of the majority of the working and middle classes.
Emmanuel Macron's victory is a relief for the EU, but not the end of Marine Le Pen and populism.