Enthusiasm gap

Fifty-eight percent of voters said the issue of which party controls Congress would be a factor in their vote, while just
The graphic above, created by CIRCLE, tracks youth "enthusiasm" over the past five presidential elections, coupled with youth
If there is one takeaway that I see in the earliest of early vote numbers is that voters are engaged in this election. There is no compelling evidence yet that there will be a dramatic decrease in turnout come November.
The president and Democrats seem befuddled by how to react to the Citizens United decision, while Karl Rove understands with crystal clarity.
The latest polls indicate that approximately 75 percent of Americans agree with the goals of Occupy Wall Street. Nonetheless, only 29 percent consider themselves supporters of OWS. What accounts for this enthusiasm gap?
Nichols explains that the next big step in the fight to overturn the bill will be the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, set
The poll released this past weekend by a conservative Wisconsin think tank did more than indicate a preference for compromise
Like the San Francisco Giants, the progressive movement will someday win if we believe in all of our players and play as hard as we can.
Voters in other areas downstate report similar turnout. By 9:00 a.m., there were already 132 voters at a polling place in