Costumes and trick-or-treating are "good clean fun."
Today it is estimated that there are over 100 Vatican-sanctioned American exorcists.
1. a Christian inspiration not only of individuals but of the university community as such; 2. a continuing reflection in
Maybe that's where the phrase "you little devils" originated. "From the number of calls we receive, the need has doubled
"There is no green pea soup or spinning heads," said the 58-year-old pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Saratoga, Calif. "That's
Yoga is the work of the devil, according to a man who claims to have banished evil spirits from 70,000 people. Gabriele Amorth
Okay, guilty with an explanation. While it is true that an American novel has once before been rewritten and republished
Unlike the Roman Catholic Church that elevated the Office of Exorcist, as a special exorcists unit, all Orthodox priests are trained and equipped to perform exorcism primarily as an obligatory part of Orthodox Baptism.
Clearly you've been taken over by the devil who needs to be driven out. Who ya gonna call? For more than 20 years, people
As the Catholic blogosphere exploded with theories and accusations against the priest, Euteneuer broke the official silence with an admission of moral failing during his performance of an exorcism.