Not a fan of Valentine's Day? Celebrate these holidays on February 14th instead.
It's that time in February where I've started thinking that maybe I should, I don't know, change careers, have another baby
Pro tip about meditation: It doesn't magically fix everything that's wrong with your head. Not that I really thought it would -- I just really hoped it would.
This month has become a time of the year seemingly set aside for planning. Forecasting becomes a priority from groundhogs
I don't like February. I find it cruel, and generally untrustworthy. It's like the cat of months. Here are six reasons why.
It's time to pop the champagne and celebrate the new shopping landscape that is on the horizon in 2016.
The amount of energy extracted in freezing portions of one of the world's three greatest waterfalls boggles the mind. But there it is, segments of the American Falls (and columns of the Horseshoe Falls) frozen in time, literally.
We've all had it with ice and snow -- it's time for sun and sand! Escape for a few days of warmth by the sea, and attire yourself accordingly from any of the stores below.
Brittney Cooper discusses Pauli Murray’s legacy on HuffPost Live.
President Obama's job approval polling was down a bit last month, ending three months of positive news. He didn't slip back much, but the reversal does bring up a serious question: is Obama stuck in a "new normal" of job approval numbers in the low-40s range?
On Feb. 7, it's "Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day." Don't get smart and wave the wrong finger. On this holiday
Here are my (very girly) song crushes for February and why I love them.
Try this on Valentine's Day: Deliberately and defiantly stay home and have a wonderful evening for one.
We put a selection of the biggest Super Bowl ads from the game's broadcast history on our Facebook page and asked YOU to vote on your favorites. And now we have them -- the All Time Top 3 Super Bowl Ads.
It's Leap Day! The date when by tradition, women can propose marriage to the men in their lives. Of course, women have been disregarding this for years, but today is a perfect excuse to buy a gift for your favorite guy.
The movie industry is the classic popular definition of insanity in action: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Some of it more or less "works" and proves to the industry it knows what it's doing.
Public schools start their new years in the fall, and the National Education Association, a union for education professionals
Auto sales rose 27 percent in February as the economic recovery continued and consumers felt more comfortable taking on a
As a layperson, how do you explain why heart disease in women is different than in men? And why is this only coming to light