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HuffPost Originals interviews a range of experts on the challenges of body diversity in the fashion industry.
But at least she gets the last laugh.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, underway this week in New York City, underscores the potential benefits of New York's proposed hosting of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
HuffPost: What are your thoughts in general about this season's Fashion Week? HuffPost: Did you expect this from Kenneth
Much of what this edgy performance artist had to say in this hour and half tour de force evening turned on language, tautologies
Here is a musical on Broadway with a philosophy a girl can love: Kinky Boots starts with a rousing tribute "The Most Beautiful Thing," to shoes.
With a touch of the supernatural, a tear-jerking plot, a loathsome villain, some adorable kids, and a lot of suspense making music, the film is agreeable enough to be a hit.
Find out why Mallis feels Lakme Fashion Week is so important for young designers, why fashion sponsorship needs policing and how Indian designers can rise to the occasion.
Drum roll, please... But we also asked you to weigh in on who you thought was worthy of one of the four coveted spots. There
Judges included: Fern Mallis (known to most as the creator of "Fashion Week" in New York City and loved by fashion fans the
Given the decidedly downtown edge to the awardees, the speeches were rather formal. Lou Reed presented to Laurie Anderson for Performing Arts.
Kim Kardashian sparkled in a red gown and gold earrings, while Bai Ling also added a gilded touch in her gold-spangled LBD
And creative inspiration often came from unexpected sources. Klein remembers the moment he named his Eternity fragrance. “The
The crowd was a mix of celebrities, media figures, fashion fixtures, and fellow journos: Liev Schreiber, Dylan Lauren, Fisher
May is home to the annual design week in Manhattan, which follows in the spirited footsteps of its sister, Fashion Week, languidly stretching itself cross the span of the month.
She continued, "I think the American fashion industry proved that a long time ago. When I was the director of the CFDA...no
This film has stayed with me the whole weekend after having seen it on Friday night. That's usually the sign of a good film, but in this case I'm not altogether convinced.
Fern Mallis, the senior vice president of IMG Fashion, is stepping down to form her own consulting and advisory firm, Fern