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Love across racial lines, especially when it involves British aristocracy, is a theme that's been close to director Amma Asante's heart.
#2 - The Diversity US TEAM - ONE FOR YOU The fact of the matter is forever isn't for everyone. Sometimes we have people that
It is written: Those who are looking for wall-to-wall giddy action scenes will come in throngs.
Loving -- (***1/2) Kudos to writer/director Jeff Nichols (Mud) for retelling the true-life story of a black woman (Ruth Negga
Baldwin was born in Harlem in 1924. He moved to Paris around 1950, eventually taking up residence in the south of France
Larraín also perfectly manages a highly skilled tech crew: Cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine (A Prophet) picks close-ups
The entire cast in India gives the most natural performances, particularly Priyanka Bose as the incandescent mother and Abhishek
Nearly 40 years ago Close Encounters of the Third Kind set the bar very high for sci-fi films that eschewed conventional all-out action sequences and garnered their strength from immense suspense, evocative visuals and mind-numbing mystery. Arrival is in that same elite category. Brainy. Intense. Scary. It joins a very exclusive club.
Walter Meyers (Danny Glover, The Color Purple), the successful owner of several auto repair shops, eagerly awaits the arrival
The writing, direction, performances and production elements are filled with a grace that leaves a lasting impression. It's as if the battle this unassuming couple waged must have been blessed from the start.