flashback friday

Oscar-winner and all-around stunning person Lupita Nyong'o treated her fans to an adorable Flashback Friday picture on Instagram
Eleven likes. That's when Instagram gets real. You've officially impressed enough people (even if you had to like it yourself) with your Valencia filtered selfie.
Watch as she flails her arms around wildly, but surprisingly stays in time with the beat. At the 0:30 mark, she even attempts
We found our new favorite Twitter account. Okay, our favorite after Chrissy Teigen's. History in Pictures is an account we
Kim K is many things, but punny? Who knew! Kardashian shared a sexy photo on Friday (Feb. 21), along with the clever caption
According to a poster in a Rap Genius forum, this is Kanye West as a child in China at around 10 years old. Alex Fraknoi
Can you guess who this adorable little boy with the wide bright smile is? Hint, his birthday was yesterday and he is the