for the people act

The Senate Majority Leader promised one more vote on voting rights bills before he'll seek changes to Senate rules.
But it wouldn’t have stopped Donald Trump from doing what he did in the lead-up to the insurrection.
The bill is being crafted by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who opposed the original bill, and a group of Democrats.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised, "Voting rights will be the first matter of legislative business when the Senate returns to session in September."
The For the People Act is in the end game now in the Senate.
Democratic state lawmakers rallied in Washington to call on the Senate to suspend its August recess to pass the For The People Act.
Aside from the financial and human costs, it is impossible to organize when Republicans make that very act illegal.
Texas Democrats who fled their state want Senate leaders to work through the August recess and speed up efforts to pass federal voting rights legislation.
Democratic state reps from Texas met with Abrams to discuss combating GOP efforts to curtail voting access.
The state lawmakers who fled for Washington to hold off an anti-voter bill said that Texans' voting rights "live on borrowed time" and that Congress must act.