for the people act

"Our democracy is too important to be sacrificed at the altar of archaic and anti-democratic Senate procedures such as the filibuster," the group told the senator.
“With voting rights under attack in 48 out of 50 state legislatures ... , the moment has never been more urgent," Abrams wrote in a push for the For the People Act.
Manchin's opposition to a sweeping package of voting reforms has left Democrats scrambling to figure out a path forward on protecting voting rights.
Activists left a meeting with the pivotal West Virginia Democrat knowing they need to do more to persuade him.
Even senators who nominally support the bill are open to amending it in order to advance voting rights.
The West Virginia senator's unwillingness to back legislation without Republican support could jeopardize Democrats' ability to pass key bills.
2021 is on pace to be the worst year for U.S. voter suppression laws since 2011, and activists are worried that Democrats aren't responding aggressively enough.
The Senate will vote on S.1, the For the People Act, in June, Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said.
The West Virginia Democrat's preferred bill protects voting rights going forward, but the For the People Act would halt voter suppression bills passed now.
Ditching the anti-corruption provisions of the For the People Act could turn a political winner into a partisan food fight.