gay animals

"It is the first time I have seen homosexual behavior in lions but when reading about it upon my return, it is not that uncommon."
The Supreme Court's ruling may be a progressive move for Americans, but this is nothing new for animals. Did you know that at least 1500 species of animals have been engaging in homosexual activity sans judgment from their peers for eons?
While Bull may be the world's first documented gay cat, other animals have exhibited what many believe to be same-sex attraction
Up until recently, zookeepers at Ramat Gan Zoological Center in Israel incorrectly assumed that Chupchikoni (whose name is
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Take a look at the gay penguins with their new chick below: "With King penguins, they mix it between the male and female
"There’s something we can’t pin down," Erin Jeneway, conservation officer at Zealandia Eco-Sanctuary, told the Post. "We
Check out some other intriguing cases of "gay" animals below: As heartwarming as Romeo and Juliet's aviary "romance" is, however
"I have often thought, as I watched their complicated alliance relationships, that their social lives would be mentally and
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According to Bruce Bagemihl, homosexual activity occurs in more than 450 species of animals. For the religious fundamentalists, however, these findings are discarded on the premise that man can fight such instincts, whereas animals cannot.
As the Toronto Star is reporting, Buddy and Pedro have not only been inseparable, but have also shown signs of traditional
Although the gay animals zoo is still only in the planning stages, the religious right is already up in arms over the prospect of the immoral behavior that they envision the zoo will be showcasing.
Much of the anti-gay-marriage argument rests on two assumptions: Life-long exclusive mate-bonding for purpose of rearing offspring is natural, and homosexuality is not. Both have little basis in fact.