Gay Penguins

“The gay couple are looking after the egg very well," said a zookeeper at the Netherlands' DierenPark Amersfoort.
These guys were supposed to be part of a breeding program, but they weren't about that life.
“The subject matter communicated in the play is a topic that the [Austin Independent School District] believes should be
Take a look at the gay penguins with their new chick below: "With King penguins, they mix it between the male and female
The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert debuted a hilarious new segment last night titled "Big Gay Round-Up." The political satirist
Just weeks after the planned separation of two Toronto-based "gay" penguins for mating purposes sparked a global outcry, another
According to Bruce Bagemihl, homosexual activity occurs in more than 450 species of animals. For the religious fundamentalists, however, these findings are discarded on the premise that man can fight such instincts, whereas animals cannot.
As the Toronto Star is reporting, Buddy and Pedro have not only been inseparable, but have also shown signs of traditional
Penguins are not gay, despite new evidence of homosexual behaviour in the wild, they are just "same sex flirting" until they
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Linda the penguin has split up two male penguins who lived as a nesting couple for six years at the San Francisco Zoo, caretakers
The two penguins have started placing stones at the feet of parents before waddling away with their eggs, in a bid to hide
A children's story, 'And Tango Makes Three,' about gay penguins who together raise a female chick penguin has once again