Senior officials with the House GOP's campaign arm said they believed a foreign agent was behind the cyberattack.
As cybercriminals step up their attacks on state governments, officials are hiring friendly hackers to help them uncover hidden security flaws in their computer systems.
"I should be able to give you better information today than I am," he said.
A cryptic message now says the comedian will be "exposed."
Trump (still) can’t unequivocally say Russia hacked the election.
The company believes this massive attack in 2013 is separate from the hack of 500 million accounts in 2014.
The former employee did not return the thousands of files.
Whose fault is it when our messages go viral? The problem is that we assume email is essentially like speech. Unless there are snoops eavesdropping, we proceed as if what we say in private, stays private. We forget that email isn't speech, yet we have come to rely on those short written messages as if they were.
Yahoo said it was working with law enforcement on the matter.
Indulge in the rainbow food craze with this healthy hack that will make you abandon food coloring for good.
Update your iOS, ASAP.
The problem is the story was made up. The girl admitted she had concocted it to prevent her parents from finding out the