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Police in Florida said that Richard Peach, 68, crashed a motorcycle into the exterior wall of a local shopping center.
The state could be key to his reelection, but the tariff wars are devastating key voting blocs.
Trump once extolled the motorcycle maker, but has added to its sales struggle with his trade war and angry boycott tweets.
The actor is raising money for a veterans charity called Homes for Our Troops.
The company said it would move some of its manufacturing operations overseas if tariffs get imposed.
Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other pricey vehicles were destroyed as part of Rodrigo Deterte's anti-smuggling push.
Trump’s tariffs so far are hurting the manufacturers he claimed he would help.
The president's favorite motorcycle company is suffering thanks to his policies.
The EU is challenging the legality of the new tariffs and aims to hit U.S. goods with retaliatory measures.