If tantrums were always this cute, we'd never say no to dogs.
Before departing on our journey, we created our Wanderlist (our version of a travel bucket list) and recently looked at it and noticed how many worthy-of-their-own-limelight experiences were on it.
You don't try and pet the Greenland sled dog with a cheery Mickey Mouse-like "Come here Pluto," a pat on the head and a treat in your hand, because the treat will be your hand.
That's a lot of love and fuzzy cuteness. The viral video, which was apparently first posted in 2012, is getting another look
I am an annoying friend. I am the person that gets unfollowed on Facebook and that people avoid mentioning certain topics around. I am the friend constantly sharing petition and calls to action, political articles and news stories. At parties, I am the one that shouts at friends to go vote, and lectures siblings when they don't update their voter registration address
Refusing to insure families with dogs that look "scary" or have certain stereotypes is horrendous. Perhaps rather than immediately denying a family with a certain breed of dog, companies should have a system where they meet the beloved pet and approve or deny them based on an interaction.
One day, Dakota will look back on her stair anxiety and laugh. Until then, the adorable husky puppy will keep working to
He just doesn't wanna go, you guys! In this video from Youtuber Josh G, an indignant and adorable husky dog is having too
In the middle of the Chugash Mountains lies one of the largest dog sled training camp. Here, the dogs spend months training for the world's famous Iditarod race.
Freudian slip? Fox host calls basketball team 'NAACP champs'
Watch in this video from lovemypuppies315 as a beautiful moment is captured on camera of a Husky lovingly grooming a cat
The Internet has pretty much proven that dogs love head massages, but Silver the Husky's expression is some next level bliss