"Swallowed like a postman's sock" is a lot more romantic than it sounds.
There's a good chance the Bard invented the knock-knock joke.
I've continued my research as a freelance quote historian to determine the origins of several famous phrases. Below lie the true story of behind the cliches.
Now, "if you will" is an idiom that's a more formal version of "so to speak." When you use "if you will" you're indicating
There are gestures belonging to another time that we don't use anymore. There were ways of functioning on a daily basis that would seem foreign today. We relied on objects which are now obsolete. We all have our lists of nostalgia.
“Even though my body is not a colorful phoenix with two wings to fly [to my lover], we have hearts that understand each other
So, apple pie as the quintessential American product may be an apt metaphor after all -- it was brought here from foreign shores, was influenced by other cultures and immigration patterns, and spread throughout the world by global affairs.
As a parent and dog trainer I'm programmed to look at life from another's perspective, and this time my impulses took a refreshing turn. With idiom dictionaries in hand, I scrolled through and took a look at the origin and meanings of idioms that evolved from our relationship with dogs and cats. It's been a delightful romp!
If idioms are your cup of tea, then you're going to have a field day with this delightful YouTube video in which the origins