infectious diseases

An HIV-positive doctor is accused of spreading the disease to hundreds of unsuspecting patients, but experts warn a crumbling health care system is to blame.
Black women are disproportionately affected by HIV compared to women of other races.
Hunters are urged to be on the lookout for symptoms of chronic wasting disease, though they can take years to appear after infection.
Starbucks employees have expressed concern about the potential of being stuck by discarded hypodermic needles.
Patients who were treated at HealthPlus Surgery Center in New Jersey have been notified following infection control breaches.
On the eve of World AIDS Day, hundreds of HIV organizations released a federal action roadmap to end the epidemic by 2025.
It was the disease’s highest death toll in at least four decades.
5. “I’m glad that you feel comfortable telling me about your status.” Remind them that they are still the same person to
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Experts break down your risk for an infection.
In honor of HIV Long-Term Survivors Day, we look at some of cinema's most important depictions of the AIDS crisis.
As the rare virus claims more lives in the Indian state of Kerala, concerns have been raised about the potential of Nipah to become a global health emergency.
It is my hope that on World TB Day, all who care about ending the disease will demand that their leaders act.
Flu season is never pleasant, but believing these fallacies make it that much worse.
All are continuing the research project, working on the ground in Guinea. Until June 2018 at least, they are working with
Congress has finally approved a stop gap spending bill that provides funding -- $1.1 billion - to fight the Zika virus. The money comes at the same time that new Zika transmission zones have been found in Florida and the first group of babies of mothers in Puerto Rico known to have been exposed to the virus in their first trimester are being born.
Brase said her organization has several concerns. Objections to the rules The proposed rule changes were posted on Aug. 15
We hardly need more bad news this summer, so forgive me for being the bearer of some more, but here goes: Yellow Fever is
One of the lesser known success stories in global health is about the progress we have made over the past decade in controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases or NTDs. And yes, the term "neglected" is there for a reason: because these diseases affect the poorest of the poor and have endured largely due to indifference and neglect.
By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog Marburg belongs to a group of viruses called Filoviruses, which includes Ebola, that