The Bug Bite Thing uses suction to remove insect saliva and venom from your skin to stop itchiness and swelling.
"I know not everyone likes bugs quite as much as I do, but I hope she thinks it’s a nice gesture," said the Swift-loving scientist who named it.
Entomologist Bryan Lessard hopes to draw attention to the underappreciated insects and inspire young LGBTQ science-lovers.
Periodical cicadas spend the majority of their lives buried in soil, but these insects will appear across the East Coast and Midwest in just a few months.
... and climate change may be at least partly to blame.
From ant nachos to cookies with crickets, this science class is trying to bring bug-eating into the mainstream.
It’s estimated that the stolen creepy crawlies are worth up to $50,000.
Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison said cricket powder decreased overall body inflammation in new research.
American Airlines is the latest company to impose stricter rules on emotional support animals. Passengers will no longer be allowed to fly with goats, ferrets, snakes, insects, or rodents.