international baccalaureate

My grades and scores should have cut it, but no one wanted me.
The decades-long fight over school choice pits two well-worn arguments: “Students, and by extension our economy, are suffering
We need to teach all students critical thinking skills, and we need to start when they’re young.
Students change, so colleges are instead looking for dynamic individuals that are open-minded, capable of learning, and able to contribute back to their community. These traits can be show at either a private or public school.
Are there already established academic disciplines that do a good job of thinking about complex systems? What can educators
How education will serve a rapidly changing global economy has continually become a more pressing issue. This is no less the case in Latin America.
Born and raised in Yemen, Thana Faroq was granted a scholarship at the age of 16 to finish high school in Canada, where she completed the IB Diploma Programme.
It took us traveling halfway around the world to understand how the United States, and especially New York City, is a true
But no matter your choice (individual IB classes vs. the IB diploma programme), every high school student is busy, so how can you start preparing for your one (or more) end-of-year IB exams?
Has there ever been a time when an education framework for 21st-century competencies was more important?