japanese internment camps

"What does this election mean for the country? Are we opening the doors to a kind of fascism?" Scheer asks Reeves. The two
"It was all based on race hysteria, xenophobia in the past, and you don’t want that to repeat again."
Perhaps it begins with these words: "I am a Muslim." "Look," he said, "the president needs to protect America first." This
The World War II camps were "one of the darkest chapters in American history."
Each was despicable in his own way(s) that history has detailed in great measure in countless words, books, stories and headlines over the decades. History has given us other despots that have ruled similarly throughout the world.
Zara Ahsan is Muslim. She recently met Takako "Kit" Nishiura, who was imprisoned as a child during WWII, and it's changed how she sees America.