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Will the heir inherit this hair? Kate's famous coif will surely be in fine form when she, the royal baby and Prince William
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The best part? The Lindo Wing states in its maternity care pamphlet, "We have a comprehensive wine list, should you wish
This week, several stories reminded us that life is often a contest between our better angels and our demons. On the demon side, a suspect was arrested in the horrific death of a man thrown in front of a New York subway train. On the angel side, three days later, a pair of bystanders helped save a person who'd fallen onto subway tracks. There was good news in Kate Middleton leaving the hospital, but bad news in the apparent suicide of the nurse who'd put through a prank phone call seeking medical information about the pregnant princess. In Egypt, the Arab Spring turned to winter, as thousands protested President Morsi's attempt to consolidate power -- while back home there was continued fascination with the cop who gave boots to a vet wrestling with demons of his own. Officer DePrimo's selfless act of kindness grabbed our imagination, and summoned our better angels to help guide us through the holiday season.
The hospital nurse who put through a prank call to Kate Middleton's private nurse earlier this week has been found dead in a suspected suicide.
She was the one who put the Duchess' prank call through to her private nurse.
"I'm feeling much better, thank you."
We hope Pippa brought Kate a girly care package of gossip mags and nail polish.
What would happen if Kate gives birth to "an heir and a spare."