katie porter

Baugh was referring to threats to religious freedom, a spokesperson for his congressional campaign said.
“She’s smart and she has a backbone made out of steel,” Warren said of Porter in a video posted on Twitter.
“I’m hoping to get a chance to speak from her and continue to learn from her,” the California congresswoman told CNN.
Rep. Katie Porter announced her candidacy for Senate in California.
The progressive House member isn't waiting for 89-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to announce whether she plans to seek another term.
The California Democrat was a top target of Republicans this cycle. She survived after a tight race against Republican Scott Baugh.
Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) is known for using her whiteboard to take down powerful people on Capitol Hill, but she did not need it to bulldoze an oil executive.
Seems like the same stumbling blocks remain.
Firefighting can have lasting physical and mental consequences, and advocates argue it's time for the government to do more to help.