katie porter

Billions of dollars are being spent. There are no active watchdogs.
"I want to be crystal clear: The Treasury can move this money in an hour," said the California Democrat.
CDC Director Robert Redfield agreed to invoke his authority to authorize the government to pay for coronavirus testing after the congresswoman grilled him.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Katie Porter grilled the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about providing free diagnostic testing.
Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Deb Haaland and Katie Porter will serve on Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign.
Warren says she's "grateful down to my toes" for the endorsement from Porter, who also considers Kamala Harris a mentor.
The California lawmaker counts both Warren and Kamala Harris, her home-state senator, as mentors.
House Dems, including "The Squad," donned matching T-shirts and posed on the steps of the Capitol on Monday to send a “clear” message to the president.
"And I say this to you as someone who has graded a lot of law students in my life."
And she did it without corporate PAC contributions.