Laramie, Wyoming

The memory of the anti-gay hate crime remains even as LGBTQ acceptance has advanced in the state.
Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam in pink tutus.
The Wyoming senator was speaking to a group of high school and middle school students.
This queer man is ready to destroy America as we know it.
After 17 years of dogmatic slumber and denial over the grisly murder of University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard, Laramie's City Council passed the state's first broad LGBT protection ordinance.
As the The Daily Mississippian reports, a group of students -- including an estimated 20 Ole Miss football players -- disrupted
Upon learning of Matthew Shepard's death, I don't know that my first reaction was, "How could this happen?" There was something eerily and uncomfortably familiar with what I was reading about in the paper that day. It brought back a memory that I had all but buried years before.
As an actor, you don't always feel that your work is relevant. Sometimes you'd like to be in the trenches of life, truly helping people in a more direct way. But with this play I never felt that. And I remember how I started making subtle shifts in my habits.
There are moments in history that cast a sudden bright light on an entire culture. And if what happens in that moment can be recorded, we can seize the moment for change. The murder of Matthew Shepard was just such a moment.
In addition to the performances of "The Laramie Project Cycle" -- which depicts the aftermath of gay college student Matthew