Even if they can't use 'regular' scissors, lefties do have some advantages.
No matter what you think his chances of winning the nomination (or the presidency), Bernie Sanders is going to force everyone else to focus on the little guy.
I previously reviewed the Cannondale SuperX cyclocross bike and noted it was a potential category killer. Which is to say it excels at commuting, road riding, and dirt. In fact, the latter is its one weakness.
In Israel I am considered to be a lefty who hates his own country. In the States I'm an occupier whose every attempt to dialogue is normalizing the occupation and diminishing the Palestinian struggle.
Stem, Gano, VGL (photo © Jaime Rojo) Read all posts by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo on The Huffington Post HERE. This
Lefty suffered bleeding in her right, front shoulder, where her muscles had been torn. Her humerus bone was also shattered
Researchers say that if your appellation is Dennis, you are more likely to become a dentist than a differently monikered individual. But I'm not so sure about this.
We know we're not going to get everything we ask for, in other words, but it would be nice to occasionally get something
The first announcement was that Larry Summers will be leaving after the elections, and returning to the ivory tower from
While the major fallout from Gibbs' "the professional left" flap has died down a bit, a second round of examination seems to have begun -- one much more introspective and much less knee-jerk than the first round.