leopard print

After a summer full of traveling which fed my curiosity for other cultures, the Rio Olympic games and a stint on Tinder, I come to the topic of fashion.
Erin runs product development at Supreme, and while that's quite the day job, I get what's missing... girls clothes.
We are determined to make leopard print a cause for celebration, not a reminder of our collective failure.
With the resoluteness of her Jackie O canary ensemble, Madeleine has faced hardships that'd make Whatever Happened to Baby Jane seem like a family comedy.
I must say, as I ventured through the streets of Austin during SXSW, certain aspects of my look for the day kept popping up in surprisingly stylish ways. So, naturally, I kept my eyes peeled to photograph some of the amazing cropped tops, bold jackets, black and white moments and prints during SXSW.
It's been a lively past few days at New York Fashion Week and, lucky for us, it's not over yet!