Doug Kyed and his wife shared their monumental loss with the world on Monday.
"By Christmas, the purple velvet robe he wore, as the King carrying frankincense to baby Jesus in the preschool reenactment, dwarfed his rail-thin body."
"I cannot wait to come back stronger than ever," the Houston Texans receiver said.
Quiana Parks' life changed at a New York nightclub.
I realized early on that he needed his friends as much as he needed medicine.
"The Big Dog is back," the wrestler told the crowd during Monday Night Raw.
The "Saturday Night Live" star also dished on performing with Donald Trump.
He remains adamant that the announcement doesn't mean he plans on retiring.
Caleb Hammond, 11, of Oskaloosa, Iowa, has been an auto racing fan since he was 2 years old.
The health assessment that apparently was completed months ago concerns formaldehyde.