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Such a complacent and destructive emotion, I give off a certain impression that leaves me wondering individuality. Isolation
Developing a personal brand is partly about searching for and discovering those things that bring us joy and fulfillment
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P.P.S. For additional resources, check out this workbook with exercises on finding meaning and purpose using science-based
Keep looking - you ARE there! When one other person sees the true you - you too can see it and I honestly believe at that
Not all of you are like my girlfriend, Simon the Monk or me. Some of you have hurdles to scale that are sapping your strength
The Question The truth is that you are an expert in something. You may not know it yet because when you are doing that "something
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Whether or not our soul chooses our circumstances, the belief that our challenges are for us, not against us, is hugely empowering
Question: A while ago, I used to feel an overwhelming connection with Mother Earth, and I was extremely grateful for that
Six years ago Simon Sinek's TED Talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" took the internet by storm. And while the talk's content was and is compelling, its internet virality and resulting 28.3 million viewers was revealing of our society and workplaces: People are yearning more than ever for personal and work lives that have an inspiring purpose.
Where am I vulnerable? Where do I hold myself back? What am I afraid of? Where do I not like myself? What stresses me? How
There are countless pieces of modern and popular advice that implores us to "find our purpose." This implies that your purpose
I sat across from a man in a NYC subway who stood out from everyone else. It wasn't how he was dressed, what he was saying or doing that caught my attention. This man was sad. Very sad. There are a lot of unhappy people in a subway, but the look on this man's face was haunting. I couldn't stop looking at him, and after I hopped off at my stop, I couldn't stop thinking about him.
I believe that sisterhood among women is one of the first steps we can take toward pursuing our soulful mission in the world, and is vital to our continued success and feeling free, fulfilled, and in flow as 21st century women.
Sure it looked wonderful at first glance. Yes, it was beautiful, sparkly, alluring and enticing. And, it might be perfect for someone else, or even for me on another day or for another purpose - I could have bought it and hung it on the wall.
Over the years I have questioned a hundred times what my path is because everything I was told I should do didn't feel right to me.
When I was young, a deluge of questions regularly occupied me. As an Egyptian, I was told to stay away from certain questions
You will be the reason he becomes all that he is meant to be and the reason he will protect his kingdom at all costs.
Once you start believing in your capacity to change the world in a conversation, in a glance, in a smile, and in a moment you start awakening your purpose.