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I ask one of Jimmy Q's recent clients, Dana Reichman, the cofounder of the beauty booking website Lifebooker, what made her In an industry where the female counterpart trumps the male twice-fold does the male model get overlooked
The super hot male models who help advertise his colorful and sexy men's underwear are a big part of the attraction for many of his fans. So it was a big deal when he brought his search for the next top model to New York City for the first time.
Chrissy Teigen and 9 More Top Models Go Topless in the Latest W Magazine Justin went full platinum in 2014. Jared did the
This week, menswear is getting its time to shine at Men's New York Fashion Week. During the exclusively male event, designers
Of the many misconceptions about the fashion industry, perhaps one of the most overlooked is the myth that most male models
While most lack the name recognition, not to mention the cachet, of their female counterparts, modeling's men are an important arbiters of cool. As the men's Spring 2016 collections get under way in London, take a look back at some of the industry's biggest stars.
Brands like Dove and Aerie have already begun showing un-retouched, non-model female bodies in their advertisements, a small
Men's Fashion Week Spring 2015 has arrived and here is the good news: It's running through the weekend. That means there
I think I always feel pressure in general; however, I would say I feel more pressure from modeling. I am required to look
Model Tyson Beckford joins HuffPost Live to discuss diversity in the fashion world.
As aerie model Amber Tolliver told, "To recreate a human being using a computer process is a bit of an attack on
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Three male models join HuffPost Live to talk about Tyson Beckford's "impossible" workout.
See the result of Beckford's efforts: As exhausting as that all seems, Beckford is committed to maintaining his unique image
Elliott Sailors was signed to a prestigious Ford contract but at the age of 31 she decided to cut off all her hair and try her hand at male modeling. She joins Ricky to explain the motivation behind her decision.