Marcia Cross

Longoria spills the tea on some behind-the-scenes drama while defending Huffman’s character.
“Desperate Housewives” actor Marcia Cross is looking to end the stigma around anal cancer and raise awareness about the disease.
The actress said that it took her a while for her to say “anus,” but “you just have to get used to it.”
The "Desperate Housewives" star wants to end shame around the disease.
"Happy to be alive," the actress wrote on Instagram.
Watching a pack of women shed their suburban facades behind closed doors week after week felt novel, largely because the
When I think of Marianne Williamson's campaign to represent California's 33rd Congressional District, I'm reminded of a story.
Celebrity power couples tend to rule the Hollywood love boat, but not all stars want romance in the limelight. Some celebs
It's been 20 years since viewers first got a glimpse into an exclusive apartment complex ripe with drama, lust and everything
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