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The endgame for psychedelic drugs isn't “microdosing Fridays.” It's treating major mental illness.
Turns out there's no shortcut to a better food system.
There is more to be done, but the FDA response to KIND, and their commitment to reevaluate the regulatory definition of "healthy" in light of current evidence and understanding, is meaningful progress, and full of promise for more.
In today's modern world, the art of home-cooked meals is losing ground to quick, convenient, often processed store and restaurant bought solutions. Whether we care to admit it or not, nutrition is rapidly becoming commoditized, and diligently making home-cooked meals to share at the dinner table the exception, not the norm.
Embracing animal protection is no longer a burden or a sacrifice. It's an opportunity for us as individuals to grow and to be empowered, and for businesses to grow and to connect with consumers.
Even for someone who spends as much time in the diet war trenches as I do, the barrage of the past week has been noteworthy for its intensity, and its implications -- both exceptionally hopeful, and dire.<
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Can we vote with our spoon, every day of our lives? And if so, where can I sign up so I can avoid the mistake of electing some of the candidates running for office these days...
Like a Big Mac, The Bachelor or Donald Trump's hair, junk food politics looks and smells wonderful from afar. The first encounter is blissful. It entertains. It tantalizes. For awhile, the afterglow of that first taste masks the side effects.
In that same vein, I was taken aback, in a good way when I watched Maurice Dekkers' Ants on a Shrimp, a culinary film about
Fun side note -- my boss and principal investigator from Stanford, Dr. Christopher Gardner, is featured in both videos! Very
Some, like me, have been mostly inclined to express extreme disappointment in how the political process so thoroughly coopted
That's the thing about diet; it's not a hypothetical enterprise. Every one of us has to make real choices in the real world
We have an incentive structure that promotes the wrong type of foods, which have come with an enormous cost to all. It is difficult to overstate the implications of the current American diet.
Healthy soil may play a huge role in mitigating global warming and helping us adapt to it.
7) Processed meat isn't even what the meat that isn't what it used to be...is. 6) The precautionary principle applies. My