needle exchange programs

In 2011, PreventionWorks!, a needle exchange program in the District of Columbia, closed down after 12 years of helping people
In early 2015 Kentucky shocked the nation by becoming the first Southern state to officially legalize syringe exchange programs. Since then the news has covered the successful roll-out of a couple different syringe exchange programs through local health departments, but has also reported some backlash coming from the legislature.
WASHINGTON -- Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) on Monday extended a short-term needle exchange program in order to respond to
Despite a growing consensus on the importance of early childhood education, in 2013, the GOP-controlled House passed a budget
My morning with Ritchie, part of a required residency rotation on addiction, offered a rare glimpse into patients' lives outside hospital walls and the important, if unsettling, work that complements our efforts as physicians.
To deny injecting-drug-users access to needle exchange programs is to fail to act to save human lives, to fail to acknowledge the dignity of every human life, and to fail to respond in solidarity to those who are marginalized.
News that Congress is on the verge of repealing federal strictures against needle exchange programs serves well, as a much-needed shot in the arm for humane, science-based drug addiction policies.
White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said the administration isn't yet ready to lift the ban - but Obama still supports needle