New MacBook

It'll probably have a bigger screen and a thinner waistline, but will it recycle?
That new Macbook is pretty sweet, huh? No, not that one. The new, new Macbook -- you know, the one with the radically different
Apple has a gorgeous new MacBook coming, and it's thinner, lighter and golder than any MacBook before it. Yes, it comes in gold.
Apple didn't seem to do any advertising for these new MacBook Airs, and it's probably because it didn't need to. Apple sold
The reveal of the Macbook Pro comes just a few months after Apple released new Macbook Airs in two sizes. The 11-inch Macbook
MacBook Airs with 128GB of storage will start at $999 for the 11-inch model and $1099 for the 13-inch model. At $1,299, the
The pricing remains the same for the fourth-generation iPads: A 16GB WiFi model starts at $499, and a 4G model starts at
The new laptop is a smaller version of the company's 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, which launched in June. You can follow along
Hey, I just met you, writes David Pogue of the New York Times: WHERE YOU THINK YOU'RE GOIN', BABY? So what disappointed reviewers
"There has never been a notebook this thin, this light, this powerful for professional use," Phil Schiller, senior vice president