Infowars host Alex Jones was questioned for three hours by the lawyer of a Sandy Hook parent who has accused him of causing the victims’ families pain by claiming the shooting was a hoax. It did not go well for Jones.
In a deposition, Jones refused to admit his repeated false Sandy Hook hoax claims caused pain to the victims' families.
At a listening session with school shooting survivors, Trump suggested equipping 20 percent of teachers with firearms.
Instead of standing up to gun lobbyists, lawmakers said teachers and students should stand up to gunmen. And that's when so many Americans realized it was time to act. Including me.
Progress on gun violence prevention policy has been steady at the state level, but nearly nonexistent at the federal level.
Rufus Cornelius Maxwell celebrated what he called a "very special milestone" today.
It's been nearly four years since the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting: 26 dead, 20 at age 6, and the memory
The long awaited presidential debate, between two candidates who epitomize the polarized state of failed political discourse
'Newtown' Trailer
The new documentary profiles the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings.