Nick Mason

Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets is taking its early Floyd show on the road.
Watch the videos below for more from Pink Floyd's commemoration: Fifty years ago, the members of just-formed Pink Floyd were
The Internet radio giant responded Wednesday to Pink Floyd's scathing editorial in USA Today, where the band accused Pandora of "pushing the growth of its business directly at the expense of artists' paychecks" and said Pandora supported "about an 85 percent artist pay cut."
Pandora says it's not fair that satellite radio operators pay roughly 7.5 percent of their revenues in royalties, while Pandora
They were already a huge band and getting bigger. We were full-blown fans. It was one of those moments where I had to make necessary mental adjustments not to start babbling and/or drooling.
Pink Floyd fans are about to shine on like crazy diamonds. The iconic English psyh rock group is about to empty the vaults on rare and live tracks as part of a massive campaign their music company EMI are about to launch.
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