Northern Arizona University

It isn't easy filming people who are enduring such physical and emotional hurt. But this needs to be done. The members of Delta Chi stand in the front, heads bowed, arms around one another, tears in their eyes and pain on their faces. What happened next might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
This is the second school shooting in the U.S. this month.
After some success with his short film, In the Name of the Son, Harun kept crisscrossing the country, traveling ceaselessly as he'd done since landing in the United States, taking pictures of landscapes and skies.
What are the most effective ways to measure and assure student learning? How do we increase retention and graduation rates? What responses can we offer to rising student costs and falling state support?
Recent discussions about tech-inspired disruptions to traditional higher education have prompted me to consider what motivates students to pursue a university education in what is increasingly regarded as the old-fashioned way: on campus.
Don't they, of all our students, deserve the very best we can offer? That includes personal contact with faculty, of course. No digital developments will ever alter that NAU hallmark on our Flagstaff campus.
“NAU has more programs than ever offered to students through our Extended Campuses division,” Bauer pointed out. “Granted
Changes to classroom and online instruction aren't the only ways that technology can affect outcomes in higher education.
When classes begin on Monday, some students at Northern Arizona University will have a little extra incentive to roll out
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the school is using $75,000 in federal stimulus funds to install a system