open carry

“This is our historic moment to go on the offense," the NRA said.
As much as Cleveland might like to set more reasonable limits on where people can openly carry guns, the city is handcuffed. In 2006, the gun lobby's allies in the Ohio general assembly overrode a Republican governor's veto and made "preemption" the law.
If you are planning to attend this week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, please be sure to leave your tennis balls at home. But if you want to bring your fully loaded AR-15 assault rifle, please, feel free.
Some law enforcement leaders say municipalities should have the power to suspend open-carry laws to protect public safety.
"When you have gunfire going on, you usually go with the person that's got a gun," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said.
Looking up from the gun he was cleaning, Rawlings added, "Young folks these days don't have so much impulse control, and I've heard that yoga is a gateway to meditation. I mean, have these kids even taken a yoga safety class?"
Did Jesus ever "open carry"? Yes, he did. Jesus open carried the Roman weapon of execution, the cross on which he died. And that's the only weapon Jesus ever open carried.
I am an American citizen and Republican primary voter planning to attend my National Convention in Cleveland this July. As
A petition has enveloped the looming Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer in awkward surrealism, and has forced the three Republican presidential candidates to duck for cover from their own words.
When I look at the 2nd Amendment as an Article in the Bill of Rights, one thing jumps out at me which the gun debate seems to have overlooked, namely, that it is the only Article in the Bill of Rights that protects only a certain group of individuals: people who decide to own guns.
"We look forward to him approaching us, shaking our hands, and thanking us for exercising our rights ... in the way he is tasked with supporting," the group said.
YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT is a series of frank interviews with passionate men and women who are leaders, activists and influencers on the subject of gun violence in America.
Why are Texans safer yet feeling more vulnerable? Certainly, it's a manifestation of single-issue politics and the power of the National Rifle Association. But it also reflects the failure of political leadership and the triumph of the politics of fear.
Coming face to face with raw violence changes a person's vision of the world. In this new, unsafe world, threats are everywhere and hyper-vigilance is the new normal. Can carrying a gun help a person feel safer? Can it, at least, give us back our illusion of safety?
I believe that wearing a gun in a public venue does nothing to promote public safety. And the merchants who have opted out of open carry evidently agree, with most citing concerns about guns endangering rather than protecting their customers, particularly in places where alcohol is served.