open carry

The law, which was signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, also does not require gun owners to get a background check.
People age 21 and up will no longer have to obtain a license, complete training or undergo a background check to carry a handgun in public.
“This is our historic moment to go on the offense," the NRA said.
As much as Cleveland might like to set more reasonable limits on where people can openly carry guns, the city is handcuffed. In 2006, the gun lobby's allies in the Ohio general assembly overrode a Republican governor's veto and made "preemption" the law.
If you are planning to attend this week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, please be sure to leave your tennis balls at home. But if you want to bring your fully loaded AR-15 assault rifle, please, feel free.
Some law enforcement leaders say municipalities should have the power to suspend open-carry laws to protect public safety.