For Teen Vogue, by Danielle Sinay. Has your period ever kept you from falling asleep? Mine sure has. I’m an adult and still
This lack of consensus means women are often unsure which symptoms they can actually attribute to their period, and which
Approximately five days before my period, the backwards countdown begins and my entry into the bowels of PMS hell have commenced.
Murphy-Johnson's blood red jewelry line is inspired by the beauty of menstruation.
However, women who ate high amounts of B vitamin were less likely to develop hypertension.
According to the CDC, approximately 10 percent of women between the ages of 15-44 have, shall we say, less than optimal fertility levels. Before trying to conceive, many of these women know that something's up just by noticing that their menstrual cycle isn't as consistent as it should be.
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, two out of three women are estimated to experience
For too long, women have been pretending our periods are some kind of hideous beast that arrives to ruin our lives every month. It's time to stop shaming our bodies. That includes its functions, its needs and all its miraculous cycles -- including our periods.
Moody doesn't quite cover it. Volatile would better describe the way some of us are lucky enough to feel, the week before our period. I'm considering starting a support group for those of us that suffer from PMDD, also known as Psychotic Menstruating Diva Disorder.
The New York Times ran a great op-ed piece last week on medicating women's feelings. Julie Holland writes, It was honestly