Political Parties and Movements

After disappearing for nine days, Oregon's Republican state senators returned to work.
A Democratic-led House panel — which includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Ayanna Pressly (D-Mass.) — voted to subpoena Kellyanne Conway after she failed to show up for a hearing. Only one Republican crossed party lines to join Democrats.
"Campaign Carl" Cameron, longtime chief political correspondent, scorches his old employer and its "right-wing hosts."
The GOP lawmakers are on the lam to sabotage a vote on a historic bill to combat climate change.
Among registered voters, 41% want a climate-only debate. Among Democrats, that number surges to 64%.
GOP leaders swear they'll do a better job of recruiting women, but failed efforts of the past have some party members doubting.
A party leader tied to Kurz had appeared to offer favors to a Russian investor.
Alabama’s abortion ban animated Democrats, but Trump and other Republicans seeking re-election have distanced themselves from it.
"I have done my best" to deliver Brexit, May said in an emotional speech outside 10 Downing Street.
Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he believes in “exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.”
Look no further than U.S. House District 24 to see how that might play out.
“People want to see more of themselves in office, and we have work to do.”
The conservative pundit claimed journalists started "a stupid catfight" by taking her words out of context.
From FDR to Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders, conservatives are reading from the same playbook.
Northam stayed out of sight as he met with his Cabinet and senior staff.
An anonymous House Democrat encouraged a challenge against her on Tuesday.
The shed-dwelling ex-prime minister unites a divided country.
The group has been embroiled in controversy over its leaders' affiliation with Louis Farrakhan.
When a party loses power in a state, there’s often a last-ditch effort to pass priority legislation. What’s happening now is different, experts say.