political scandals

Americans have some questions that need answers.
Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned amid at least 18 federal investigations. Zinke has tallied up nearly a dozen.
People will wonder if the strikes were meant at least partly as a distraction from White House scandals, said Rachel Maddow.
"He just wasn't entitled to my silence any longer," the New York senator says of her response to the sexual misconduct allegations her fellow Democrat faced.
Oregon's governor and House speaker are calling on State Sen. Jeff Kruse (R) to resign.
Parliament is fast-tracking a new workplace harassment bill after a number of political leaders were forced to resign over alleged misconduct in recent weeks.
This is the same RNC that aggressively went after Democrats to return Harvey Weinstein's contributions.
“How a serial predator like Dr. Nassar could have preyed on so many young girls for a long time in such a flagrant fashion is appalling."
The memo's release is part of a sustained GOP attack on investigations into Trump and Russia.