A French group with echoes of QAnon funded the crime, demonstrating how the conspiracy movement has metastasized around the world.
Trump denied it's an anti-vaccine event. Its organizers have called coronavirus vaccinations a “shot of poison."
Veronica Wolski was known for spreading anti-vaccine and pro-QAnon messages.
The Capitol rioter wanted to see his grandfather before his death, his attorney said, but the judge ruled he was still a flight risk.
Jacob Chansley was one of the first Capitol rioters to be arrested after the Jan. 6 attack, and has spent nearly eight months behind bars.
Jacob Chansley's lawyer called for "patience and compassion" for his client, who he said has "genuine mental health issues."
As the FBI investigates claims that Colorado voting machine passwords were given to a presumed QAnon leader, the clerk is reportedly at a secret safe house.
The compromised machines were decertified following a serious "security breach."
Matthew Taylor Coleman, accused of killing his two young children with a spearfishing gun, confessed he believed he was “saving the world from monsters.”
Scott Fairlamb, an MMA fighter who is the son of a New Jersey state trooper, entered a guilty plea Friday.