The 18-year-old said his father believes he and his classmates were paid to be part of a grand conspiracy, Vice News reported.
A judge found that Doug Jensen, a QAnon believer and Trump supporter, couldn't have preplanned his actions because he "didn't even know where he was."
School board elections that were once uncontested have drawn slates of candidates galvanized by one issue or another.
On the six-month anniversary of the insurrection, Republicans are trying to convince America it wasn't that big a deal.
"Deep Rig" promotes baseless conspiracies and QAnon talking points that the 2020 election was rigged.
Jamie and Jennifer Buteau face charges in connection with the Jan. 6 attack. The feds say Jamie Buteau threw a chair at officers.
According to The New York Times, failed ex-President Donald Trump has been telling people that he’ll be back in office come August.
"Where are my crazy people at?" the forgotten cryptid pleads.
Larry Charles figures Kramer would believe in QAnon, but "might also be in antifa at the same time to cover his bets.”