This is the book Trump wants in "every school in America," presumably without the QAnon propaganda.
Yet the ex-president still played music linked to the conspiracy moment, bashed the investigations against him, and falsely claimed he won the 2020 election.
Acolytes stood with hands raised over their heads as Trump recounted the evils of the world in a kind of dirge with music.
Donald Trump is increasingly embracing and endorsing the QAnon conspiracy theory, even as the number of frightening real-world events linked to the movement rises.
A family member blames the man's attack, which left his spouse dead, on political conspiracy theories that deteriorated his mental health.
Ron Watkins placed seventh out of seven candidates in his Arizona Republican primary.
The Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection highlighted just how widespread the QAnon conspiracy theory is. Now, families across the country are searching for ways to bring their loved ones back to reality.
The New York Republican also argued against providing formula for migrant's babies and saw no contradiction with describing herself as "pro-life."
Reports found Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene liked social media posts on executing Democratic politicians before her run for Congress.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spewed a new conspiracy about “vaccine passports” that she claimed leads to President Joe Biden.