Proud Boys, QAnon conspiracy theorists, Infowars fans and other assorted pro-Trump extremists descended upon Orlando Tuesday.
A scare started by crazed QAnon theorists frightens event organizers worried that "unstable people" might "take action."
Fox News, Infowars and other outlets amplified conspiratorial theories about the blaze's cause, which has yet to be determined.
Once you fall down YouTube’s conspiracy theory rabbit hole, its algorithm will continue feeding you disinformation.
While greeting the vice president, Matt Patten wore a patch reading “Question the Narrative,” which was not authorized by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
Supporters of an unhinged conspiracy theory have another unhinged conspiracy theory.
The online platform said that the subreddit posted content that harassed people and incited violence.
Conspiracy theorists are assumed to be paranoid outliers, but in reality, believing in conspiracy theories is pretty mainstream.
“We gonna wreck you,” they said of the right-wing network that showed its signs at President Donald Trump’s Florida rally last week.
Armed men showing up and demanding answers to conspiracies. That can't be good.