"The Spy Who Dumped Me" star's "teachable moment" yielded hilarious results.
Eggs are affordable, always on hand, and easily transformed into elegant meals. From Crustless Broccoli Quiche to Spinach
Ingredients: 1 organic premade frozen piecrust (or make your own flaky piecrust with this recipe) 3 eggs 1½ cups whole milk
Once all the rage at ladies luncheons, a quiche is now as popular as ever. And this light version is simple and sensational!
A day of rest? Not so much. We did sleep later than usual, and decided to treat ourselves to a posh breakfast. We wanted sit down food, not takeaway, and curry need not apply. Heading to Waverly place, there's a tourist information store, which sold us a detailed map of Edinburgh.
Let's be real -- cheese is the best food ever. Yes, even better than bacon. Grilled cheese sandwiches and instant mac & cheese got you through childhood and college, and it'll get you through the rest of life because you just can't go wrong with cheese.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post credited Lisa Skye as the recipe's creator. In fact, Taided Betancour created
Flaunt your microwave skills and satisfy your taste buds with this beautiful, in a class all by itself, creation.
Remember quiche? Sure, you remember the long-ago craze, the mockery, even the New Yorker cartoons. But do you remember the thing itself? Although it's still served in plenty of restaurants, it doesn't figure on my gastro-map as prominently as it used to.
This tart eats far better tepid or at room temperature than it would hot from the oven. When it has cooled, the flavors blossom, and those flavors are alluring ones.
Make mealtime easier, and more delicious.
If you have family or friends staying with you on Christmas morning, chances are you don't have time to whip them up a fancy
I can't count how many times I've made this quiche, or a version of it. Dinners, brunches, Mother's Day lunches. It never fails, and I'm assuming that's because of the loads of butter (the crust), cream, sour cream, and cheese it contains.
I've got some easy techniques that make decadent favorites healthier without sacrificing the taste and satisfaction you yearn for. Here are three of my tricks to help you "fix" traditional comfort food dishes, so you can get your "fix" in a healthier way.