religious violence

As religious violence continued for the third day in Delhi, US President Donald Trump extolled the virtues of Indian democracy in the company of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Extensive knowledge of a religion's doctrines is not necessary to be committed to and motivated by a religious belief.
An image of God has power to come back upon the image-maker as an agent of real-world activity. An image of God, portrayed with a specific human trait, will burnish and amplify that very trait in a person.
Theologians and theists--in all theistic traditions--can offer a remedial theology that insists upon benign images of God and alerts the faithful to the human tendency to image God in their own likeness, even to the point of attributing human imperfections to God.
"Neither violence nor death will ever have the last word before God."
It is possible to think only Islam is susceptible to religious violence and forget about centuries of intermittent Christian violence.
No one proffering the grim philosophy that humans are inherently violent can produce supporting evidence for that kind of grand assessment. Even the wicked stories that mar our daily news don't provide enough proof.