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"Our members are still waiting for the supposed greatness of this economy to reach their kitchen tables," Richard Trumka told Chris Wallace on Fox News.
In a closed meeting, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told the campaigns that Democrats shouldn't expect union support if they don't change their ways.
Bernie Sanders' comments came as fissure cracks open between the president and the nation's largest union.
One person wondered if the president's tweet was "some kind of lame attempt to be able to say you 'celebrated' Labor Day."
Come November, his members will "probably" back Democratic candidates.
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the Wall Street wing in the White House has taken control.
Last week, the AFL-CIO put out a statement from its president, Richard Trumka, under the headline "Dakota Access Pipeline Provides High-Quality Jobs."
In a heated fight, the labor federation opposes Native American protesters.
Now Clinton's battle with Bernie Sanders is all but over, expect the AFL-CIO to go to war against Trump.
Has Paul Ryan become so disaffected with Donald Trump that he quietly changed political parties, when no one was looking? We know the Washington Post just made a typo, but still, it's fun to think about, right?
The largest union federation in America won't be backing Hillary Clinton for now.
Fear is a powerful drug. Those who would act out of fear (and in some cases political opportunism and bigotry) have disregarded the lessons of WWII and the world's shame at the treatment of refugees, especially Jewish refugees, who were turned away and sent back to death at the hands of the Nazis.
For too long, people have assumed that correction officers' unions, by their very nature, must oppose justice reform. This assumption is based on the belief that decarceration is a zero-sum game and unions benefit from mass incarceration. But this isn't true; strong correctional unions are essential to justice reform.
WASHINGTON -- Perhaps Richard Trumka has already said everything he needs to say about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). The