richard trumka

Twitter users had some fun at the Ohio lawmaker's expense after his tweet about God, guns and gas stoves.
Under its first woman president, the AFL-CIO is pursuing big legislative goals in Washington while trying to turn around the decline in union membership.
As AFL-CIO president, Trumka served as the face of American labor over the past decade.
Some states are already laying out plans to let nonessential businesses reopen their doors to workers and customers.
The AFL-CIO backed about 1,500 union members in the 2018 elections, and two-thirds of them won.
"Our members are still waiting for the supposed greatness of this economy to reach their kitchen tables," Richard Trumka told Chris Wallace on Fox News.
In a closed meeting, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told the campaigns that Democrats shouldn't expect union support if they don't change their ways.
Bernie Sanders' comments came as fissure cracks open between the president and the nation's largest union.
One person wondered if the president's tweet was "some kind of lame attempt to be able to say you 'celebrated' Labor Day."
Come November, his members will "probably" back Democratic candidates.