rock and roll

The 14 artists and groups being considered for induction also includes Sheryl Crowe, George Michael and the White Stripes.
Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana collapsed in the middle of his concert in Michigan.
The flamboyant rock 'n' roll legend, who rose to fame in the 1950s with hits like "Tutti Frutti," was the proud architect of a style that took over the world.
The 69-year-old died Sunday in New York of complications from the virus, his daughter confirmed.
January 8th marks what would have been the king of Rock-and-Roll’s 80th birthday.
It’s gonna to be a long, long time before we understand why President Trump thought it was a good idea to send Kim Jong Un an Elton John CD.
I just saw him play for 4 hours on the final stop of his 2016 River Tour in Foxboro, Massachusetts. He looked like he could go another 4. With his memoir, Born to Run, due out in a few days, The Boss, is finally ready to tell the world his entire story.
It was her husband David's terminal illness and passing away at the young age of 60 that started Sandy Caley thinking that she needed to be kind to herself and live life to the fullest. Now a "semi-retired" widow who lives alone in Nottinghamshire, England, after raising three sons, she was ready to chase her deepest, most passionate dreams.