Politicians, celebrities, activists and citizens speak out in sadness and fury after third major shooting in a week.
I had known, when I entered psychiatry first as a nurse and later as a nurse practitioner, that I would treat suicidal and homicidal people.
In these moments when you want to lose your cool, it's worth asking: What’s to be gained?
And it is a serious matter. But the findings in the Purdue study are also consistent with a developing body of research on
Here's a little something I wrote in anticipation of families across America sitting down with each other, post-election, for a healthy dollop of tryptophan, dysfunctional family dynamics and political discord.
What can we do? I don't have the answer to that right now, but I can share some of the things that helped me pick myself up and move on when all I wanted to do was curl up and stay in bed forever.
To test this hypothesis, we recruited a nationally representative sample of 102 participants to a listening experiment. We
Today, things are different. According to a 2015 Pew study, nearly three-quarters of US teens have or have access to a smartphone
In 2012, my team at Courageous Leadership LLC worked with employees at Google to build a more courageous culture, including
It's o.k. to be sad, even very, very sad. Sadness, like anger, is a very fine emotion. But, like anger, not all of us are comfortable feeling it or being in the immediate vicinity of someone else who is experiencing it.
Harvard psychologist Susan David says part of being "emotionally agile" is showing up to your emotions... even the bad ones.
We aren't taught this anywhere in our early life, but the conscious path is largely about slowing down those micro-moments so that we can observe our habitual response, ask if it's a response that serves us, and, if not, choose a different, more loving way.
The communication skill here is to focus on the reaction you are receiving rather than the response you think you should be getting, and then assess your own behavior.
The first day of school means not only that our summer days together are over for this year, but also that each of my children are now a year older. Each year my children seem a little less my babies and a little more property of the world.
"What I wouldn't give for a moment of peace and calm." This was the thought I had a few days ago on a particularly hectic day running errands, running my business, and parenting my four-and-a-half month old.