Santa Monica, California

Life is an unfortunate day at the beach in a terrifying preview for the emergency drama.
The "Full House" star tied the knot for a second time at a ceremony in Santa Monica.
The suspect was arrested on Monday after he allegedly clubbed a sleeping homeless man in the head with a pair of bolt-cutters in Santa Monica, police said.
Santa Monica officials decided to look at more than just economic prosperity when gauging their citizens' success.
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Twitterverse explodes as SpaceX Falcon 9 puts on a gobsmacking light show.
They say nothing truly prepares you for motherhood—not the hundreds of hours you clocked babysitting or the stacks of parenting
It’s hard for them to travel longer distances because highways hem them in, so they tend to inbreed.
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This time, when I tried to quit, I felt like I had some invisible help from behind the scenes.
One great refuge is the Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. Perfectly located before the sea just steps from the ocean, the hotel was first built in 1926 as a glamorous beach club.
The video, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook, highlights the critical issue of homelessness
I was in awe. This 'simple' act of kindness had the ability to restore life! How many others out there craved love in the form of a hug? How many longed for the touch of another, yet were denied this act of grace?
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Though the entire video is wonderfully precious and will make you feel that all is right in the world, for smooch highlights
A small jet crashed at Santa Monica Airport in California on Sunday evening. The Associated Press reports that, according to officials, the jet left from Idaho and crashed into a storage hangar, starting a fire at the airport.
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The blaze did minor damage to two other buildings and destroyed the hangar. Witness Charles Thomson told the TV station the
Josephine Miller is changing the way we live our lives each and every day. Miller a driving force behind implementing plastic bag and Styrofoam bans in Santa Monica, California.