The Femm app attacks hormonal birth control as unsafe and unreliable, according to The Guardian.
The plane's anti-stall software appeared to repeatedly engage before the jet plunged to the ground, sources said.
Apple will reportedly issue the software update next week
A new bug in Apple's FaceTime app lets iPhone users listen in on the people they call without them picking up.
Inspect a drainage ditch? There’s an app for that.
Two Georgia cops were caught on camera using a coin-toss app to decide whether to arrest a woman for speeding.
Demonstrators are calling on Russian authorities to unblock the popular Telegram instant messaging app.
The app's descriptions of trans people still need revisions, some of our readers have pointed out.
by Annamarya Scaccia Originally Published on If you’ve been following the news or just have kids who love internet
The company alerted its app users four days after learning of the hack.
According to NBC, a loophole allows people to access personal information of individual users.
“Money, time and lives are wasted with the current policies," said Jay-Z in a statement.
If you see these on your teen's phone, it's time for a talk.
Conclusion Do you want to win an award for most congenial software group? Or do you want to have a software group that bonds
How has the SaaS business changed in the last ten years? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge
Dynamic Signal estimates that with better communication in the workplace, companies can be 30% more efficient and with 20
Wednesday's meeting between President-elect Trump and executives from numerous software and technology companies has been
In the mad rush between buying presents and spending time with family and friends, we may not realize how much work software
At the same time, I fully acknowledge that programmers, at least good ones are a different breed. It's such a big deal that