soul mates

Soul mate love can be rocky at times, but because of the partners' capacity to love deeply, to be intimate, and to connect
Our culture often views love as some fuzzy thing that gets passed around and makes us feel warm inside. But as we all know, this happens only part of the time. The other part is full of anxiety, confusion, and frustration.
Julie Barton calls Bunker her soulmate. They were as emotionally close as a dog and a person can be. But, to hear Barton tell it, there was more than just friendship going on here between dog and human. There was healing.
She was one of the first people who clearly pointed out: the soul does not see a difference in religion, culture, skin color, or physical appearance. And, when people of different worlds find one another and find love together, it is the work of the soul.
I've been in love, lust and like, had crushes that didn't crush back and had my heart broken. I've lost it all and won big. Throughout, I have never believed in "perfect" anything. Did I mention that I do not believe in soul mates?
Girls of any age who were brought up on a steady diet of rom-coms and Jane Austen have dreamed about meeting The One since we were old enough to play with Barbie. There's that glance from across a crowded bar. The soundtrack. The meet-cute with snappy dialogue.
True love is what's left after the candles have burned out, the roses have died and the chocolates are gone.
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When Schwarz did a media analysis, he found that both theories are equally as prevalent in culture. He also noted that internalizing
Assessing the situation and knowing the strong bond between the pair, their family stepped in. “I told my sister on the phone
"Soulmates recognize that they are two parts of the same whole, and no outside influence or external matter can break that
The only thing that's standing in the way of your own happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, meaning, purpose, whatever, is yourself.
Not until finding the box of three hundred or more letters written by my dad, as a young soldier, to my mom, his new bride. As I read through them, something truly magical happened again. That young couple who met on the beach came alive for me.
The widespread cultural belief in "soul mate ideology" undermines our chances at happiness because it makes us passive receivers of idyllic romantic expectations.
Every now and then, I wake up and wonder who the guy is in my bed and why there is a minivan parked in my driveway. I love the guy, and our daughter, and our cute little house in suburbia. But sometimes I do wonder how the hell I wound up in this life.