Deep squatting is more common in cultures outside the U.S. — but is it better for our bodies? Here's what experts say.
See what happens when you do them for 30 days straight.
Looking for a place to live? Low on cash? Did your wife change the locks? Did Cheryl change the locks on you? Then you need a place to stay ASAP! Well, here are five houses you can start squatting in tomorrow!
When we met in May, members of a group were about to go to court for the third time. Mostly an activity and gathering place, this squat has chosen to focus on citizen organizations and nonprofits, although there are some artists in the building.
A recent Montana Supreme Court decision involving an easement across a ranch is reminder to carefully investigate, both before and after purchase, the claims of non-owners who are using or occupying land.
But there's nothing like the feeling of urban discovery, when you stumble upon an awe-inspiring structure that makes you feel, if only for a few moments, as if you just discovered a lost city, a vanished civilization.
Just like first steps, first words, and first kisses, the first squat is a memory that should be well documented and appreciated.